Innovation at Decathlon

Innovation lies at the heart of our product design and the challenge of offering new solutions to our customers simply never ends. This goal fits into our philosophy of making sport accessible to all and encourages our teams to harness new materials and technologies and dream up new designs. Respecting the environment lies at the heart of our research, which seeks to facilitate practices in over 80 disciplines.

Sports-oriented design

In this first category, ‘Design innovation’, it is the product design itself in the spotlight. Products with a bold and daring appearance must nevertheless be genuinely useful, with their architectural features benefiting all future athletes that use them. This category recognises the best balance between aesthetic/utility and sports-oriented design!

The combination of sport and technology

This category seeks to showcase the various processes adopted by design teams in the use of technologies. The ‘Techno Innovation’ category, as its name suggests, seeks to reward the most daring innovations in terms of materials, specific components and adapted/innovative systems. Well-designed products, which meet the technical needs of athletes and offer a new way of practising sport are celebrated.

Taking action to limit our environmental impact

At Decathlon, our goal is for 100% of our products to be ‘eco-designed’ by 2026, using materials with a lower impact and reducing the energy consumption of our manufacturing processes. It is precisely because these issues form the cornerstones of our design strategies that we have decided to devote a specific Reveal Awards category to them. The ‘Ecodesign Innovation’ category aims to highlight products with a longer life span, which encourage a more responsible lifestyle and have an environmental impact reduced by more than 20%.

Doing things differently and breaking the mould

The goal of the ‘Experience Innovation’ category is to expand athletes’ horizons by suggesting new ways of practising their chosen sport. Designers have considered ease of use, modernising preferences and fostering changes in athletes’ individual approaches. This is real ‘outside the box’ thinking, with tailored products for more fun, richer sensations, greater ease of use and encouragement to push boundaries

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